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What’s A Little Boy’s Prayer?

A classic heart-warming Christmas production which moves beyond a performance to raise awareness and support for local community organizations who support the fatherless, orphan, or foster child.

When is the event and who do we want to come see the performance?

It's more than just entertainment, it’s about restoring the family and strengthening the families in our communities.

How does ALBP benefit the community?

Thanks to the generosity of many local business sponsors and community members we will be providing a Christmas gift, care package, and the performance for inner-city children ages 4-12 of Program.

Who benefits the most from ALBP?

Our goal is simple. We want to see children in loving and caring homes. The average time spent with fathers is four times greater for children in two-parent families than for those in single-parent families. The average time spent with mothers is almost twice as high for children in two-parent families as for those in single-parent families. If we can change this norm everyone will benefit. According to the Adoption and Foster Care Analysis Reporting System, in 2010 16,412 children in Michigan lived apart from their families in out-of-home care. 6,011 of those children were ages 5 or younger. And of the 16,412 children, 5,235 of them were waiting for adoption. We can all do something to help.

Why focus on the fatherless?

There is an entire community who believes in them and is there to support them. This is what God being a father to the fatherless is about.

Why should I choose this event over my favorite sports game on TV?

Because thousands of children with an absent mother or father in Michigan need someone to stand and support them.

Is ALBP for the entire family?

A Little Boy’s Prayer connects on all levels and is for the whole family. It inspires dads to connect with their sons, mothers to stand for their families, and communities to defend those caught in the middle of vulnerable transition.

What’s one thing you would say to the busy moms and dads that are considering coming?

Make this a family tradition, not only will you be supporting your community, you’ll be inspired by a fun and timeless story of hope and restitution. Read the NOVEL as a Husband and Wife first and then read the children's version to your children. Become apart of the ALBP network and get updates in how we are giving LIFE TOOLS to children all year long.

Why choose A Little Boy’s Prayer over other Christmas productions?

This is one event the entire family can afford and it supports a great cause that affects our community here in Lansing.

What is different about the show?

We as Faith based organizations have to aggressively pursue building relationships with local community organizations. Let's commit to investing together with our community in the future of the 600+ fatherless kids with great local organizations. This year you can invite your friends and know their taking part in a cause that’s much larger than the performance they attend. The entire evening will leave you wanting more. And this is just the beginning.

How can someone help with the cause of the fatherless?

There are three ways someone can help. First, you can donate to A Little Boy’s Prayer by writing a check today to A Little Boy’s Prayer foundation and you will receive your tax deductible recipt and be invited to the annual dinner at the Amway Grand in Grand Rapids, Michigan along with monthly updates.