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Hope for the Fatherless

Our goal is to use A Little Boy’s Prayer (ALBP) to be used as a bridge to connect the community to those that are affected by fatherlessness. We believe that this plan will give the community a picture of the need, and inspire them to act. ALBP will gather the community, be a source of inspiration, and it will channel awareness and funds toward the issue of fatherlessness.


Invite the community and the thousands of those affected by fatherlessness (such as orphans, foster care, kids of an incarcerated parent) to a live performance of A Little Boy’s Prayer. Those affected by fatherlessness will have their tickets paid for by the generous donations of community leaders and businesses in each community.


A Little Boy’s Prayer, will inspire the audience with a message of hope and restitution. The thousands attending will hear of the growing issue of fatherlessness and the struggle to care for approximately 14,000 children in foster care throughout the state Michigan. This event and the corporate and individual mentorship program that goes on through out the year will celebrate and honor amazing people and organizations helping the orphan and foster children by giving.


After the production, Christmas gifts will be given to all our special VIP Children. The crowds will see a short video designed to inspire them to follow the example of the local organizations and people that are taking up the cause of fatherlessness. Caregivers, foster families, and local charities caring for the fatherless will be invited to our VIP Room to pick up a care-package with practical resources (e.g. gloves, sheets, fuel cards, etc.) collected from the community. Lastly, our community will be asked to donate financially or donate time by volunteering with organizations helping the fatherless.