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Church Leader

You are a key influencer in this area and you know better than most people the brokenness that consumes so many fatherless children. Right now there is a little boy that is lost and forgotten by most - he feels like he doesn't matter. There's a precious little girl who is being abused in her own home. It's a giant of hopelessness that threatens the future of this land, but you and I have the cure!

God always has a plan and that's what Christmas is: His plan to save us. The plan works! This Christmas we can join together and take God's story of hope to the fatherless. You and I can give that hope to children in orphanages, the foster care system, and broken homes that wouldn't otherwise have a Christmas experience.

You work hard all year long to make a difference in people's lives. In Matthew 18:19 Jesus said, "If two of you on earth agree (harmonize together) about anything they shall ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven."

Imagine for a few seconds a wonderful Christmas story that models family, forgiveness and the true love of God; in the front rows are all of our VIPs - fatherless children who are heavy on God's heart; as the performance comes to it's big finale, we bring out gifts for all these children and lavish them with love!

Together we can turn the hearts of the fathers in this community to the fatherless. With God's help we can do anything together. Let's start a new Christmas tradition of partnership that brings hope to that lost little boy - that abused little girl. Thank you for hearing my heart on this and God bless you.